Cracking the Code: Ministry of Education Quiz Part 6 Explained

The Ministry of Education Quiz Part 6. This brain teaser from Honkai Star Rail has left many players scratching their heads. But fear not, travelers, for this guide will dissect the problem, unveil the answer, and equip you to tackle similar challenges.

The Infamous Flower Power Problem

The Ministry of Education Quiz presents a scenario: Hook, Julian, Luka, and Big Sister play a guessing game with flower colors. Each has a white or purple flower hidden in their hair, unseen by themselves or others. They form a line (Hook first, Big Sister last), and only the person ahead is visible. The challenge? Guess your flower color based on the information you see.

Who Can See What?

  • Hook sees no one.
  • Julian sees Hook (white flower).
  • Luka sees Julian (white flower) and Big Sister (unseen).
  • Big Sister is blindfolded (sees nothing).

The Solution

The key lies in Julian’s perspective. He sees two white flowers in front (Hook and Luka). Since there are only two white flowers total, Julian can deduce he must have the remaining color – purple.

Why Not 50/50 Chance?

One might think Julian has a 50/50 chance as he sees one white flower. But consider – if his flower were white, there would be three white flowers and none purple, contradicting the given information.

Part 6: Honing Your Logic Skills

The Ministry of Education Quizzes test your ability to reason logically with limited information. Honing these skills can be beneficial not just in the game but also in real-life problem-solving.


The Ministry of Education Quiz Part 6 might have seemed perplexing initially, but with a breakdown of the information and some logical reasoning, the answer becomes clear. Remember, these quizzes are designed to test your wit and hone your problem-solving skills. So, keep exploring Honkai Star Rail, and embrace the challenge of the next educational conundrum!


  • Q: Can Luka also guess the flower color?

A: No. Luka only sees Julian’s white flower and Big Sister. He lacks crucial information (Hook’s flower color) to determine his own.

  • Q: What if there were more flowers and colors?

A: The solution would depend on the specific number of flowers and colors. The core principle remains – use the information you see to deduce what you cannot see directly.

  • Q: Are there any resources for similar logic puzzles?

A: Absolutely! Websites like Brainzilla and Logic Puzzles Online offer a variety of challenges to sharpen your reasoning skills [e.g., Brainzilla, Logic Puzzles Online].

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