BYU Education Week: Deepen Your Faith and Knowledge

Brigham Young University (BYU) Education Week is an annual event offering a unique opportunity for spiritual and intellectual growth. It attracts thousands of participants worldwide, eager to learn from renowned scholars and strengthen their understanding of various gospel topics.

When and Where Does BYU Education Week Take Place?

BYU Education Week traditionally takes place during the summer, typically in late July or early August. It’s held on the BYU campus in Provo, Utah.

Who Can Attend BYU Education Week?

The event is open to adults and youth (aged 14 or older). While primarily geared towards members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, all are welcome to attend and learn.

What Can You Expect at BYU Education Week?

Inspirational Lectures: Renowned Church leaders, scholars, and educators deliver thought-provoking lectures on a wide range of gospel topics.

In-Depth Classes: Choose from hundreds of in-depth classes delving into scripture, Church history, doctrine, personal development, and more.

Evening Entertainment: Enjoy special musical performances, firesides, and other cultural events throughout the week.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow learners, Church leaders, and scholars from across the globe.

How Much Does BYU Education Week Cost?

There is a registration fee to attend BYU Education Week, which covers the cost of materials and facilities. Early registration typically offers a discounted rate.

How Do You Register for BYU Education Week?

Registration for BYU Education Week typically opens several months before the event. You can register online through the BYU Education Week website (


BYU Education Week provides a valuable opportunity to learn, grow, and be inspired in a faith-based setting. Whether you’re seeking deeper scriptural understanding, personal development tools, or simply a chance to connect with others, BYU Education Week offers something for everyone. So, mark your calendar, register early, and prepare for a week of enriching experiences!


  • Can I attend BYU Education Week virtually?

Recordings of some sessions might be available online after the event, but live virtual attendance is usually not offered.

  • Do I need to stay on campus during BYU Education Week?

No, there are various housing options available near campus, or you can commute daily.

  • Is childcare available during BYU Education Week?

No, childcare services are not typically offered during Education Week.

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