The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners

The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners (BOEE) plays a vital role in ensuring the quality of education in Iowa’s schools. Whether you’re an aspiring educator, a current teacher, or simply interested in the licensing process, this blog post is your one-stop guide to the BOEE.

The BOEE’s Role

Licensure: The BOEE is responsible for issuing and renewing licenses for all educators in Iowa, from teachers and counselors to administrators and librarians.

Standards & Ethics: They establish and enforce rigorous standards for educators, ensuring they possess the necessary qualifications and uphold ethical conduct.

Professional Development: The BOEE supports professional development opportunities for educators to enhance their skills and knowledge.

BOEE Services for Educators

License Application & Renewal: The BOEE offers an online system for educators to apply for new licenses, add endorsements, and renew existing ones.

License Search & Verification: Anyone can verify an educator’s license status through the BOEE’s online search tool.

Code of Professional Conduct: The BOEE outlines the Code of Professional Conduct that all educators must adhere to.

BOEE Resources for Schools & Districts

Licensure Support: School districts can access resources and guidance from the BOEE regarding educator licensure requirements.

Professional Development: The BOEE provides information on professional development opportunities that can benefit schools and districts.

Ethics & Complaints: The BOEE offers resources and guidance on handling ethical concerns or filing complaints against educators.

Getting Started with the BOEE

Website: The Iowa Department of Education website provides a wealth of information on the BOEE, including its mission, services, and resources

Login Portal: Educators can access the online system for license applications, renewals, and searches at


The Iowa Board of Educational Examiners plays a crucial role in ensuring a qualified and ethical educator workforce in Iowa. By understanding the BOEE’s function and utilizing their resources, educators, schools, and the public can work together to create a strong foundation for education in Iowa.


  • How long does it take to process a license application?

The BOEE typically takes 4-6 weeks to process applications.

  • What are the requirements for renewing an educator license?

Renewal requirements vary depending on the license type. Check the BOEE website for details.

  • How do I report an ethical concern about an educator?

The BOEE website provides information on filing complaints.

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