Cracking the Code: Ministry of Education Quiz Part 6 Explained

The Ministry of Education Quiz in Honkai Star Rail has captivated players with its mind-bending puzzles. Part 6 is no exception! If you’re stuck figuring out the flower colors in this logic test, fear not, for this guide will break it down and help you find the answer.

The Scenario: Flowers and a Line

The Ministry of Education Quiz presents a scenario with Hook, Julian, Luka, and Big Sister playing a guessing game called “Guess the Flower Color.” There are four flowers – two white and two purple.

Here’s the twist:

  • No one can see their own flower or anyone else’s.
  • They form a line: Hook, Julian, Luka, and Big Sister (in that order).
  • Only the person in front is visible.
  • Big Sister is blindfolded because she’s tall!

Analyzing the Information

Limited Visibility: Each person can only see the flower color of the person directly in front of them.

Deduction is Key: Without seeing their own flower or multiple colors in front, they need to deduce their color based on the information available.

Who Can Solve the Puzzle?

Hook (Front): She sees nothing and cannot determine her flower color.

Julian (Second): He sees Hook with an unknown color. This doesn’t tell him anything about his own flower.

Luka (Third): He sees both Julian (unknown) and Big Sister (blindfolded). This also doesn’t provide enough information.

The Answer is Julian! Here’s why:

Julian can see that both Hook and Luka (in front of him) have white flowers. Since there are only two white flowers, he can deduce that he must have a purple flower remaining.

Alternative Solutions

The scenario is designed so that only Julian has the necessary information to determine his flower color definitively. The limited visibility for the others prevents them from making the same deduction.

Ministry of Education Quizzes

The Ministry of Education Quizzes offer a variety of logic puzzles. Remember these key points when tackling them:

  • Pay close attention to the details and limitations in the scenario.
  • Identify the information each character has access to.
  • Use deduction and logic to eliminate possibilities and reach the answer.


The Ministry of Education Quiz Part 6 might seem tricky, but with a clear understanding of the scenario and the limitations each character faces, you can solve the puzzle and identify Julian as the one who cracks the flower color code! So, keep exploring these quizzes, hone your deduction skills, and have fun unraveling the educational mysteries of Honkai Star Rail!


  • Q: Can’t Luka also figure it out?

A: No. While Luka sees two people with white flowers, he doesn’t know if there’s another white flower remaining. He could have a purple flower as well.

  • Q: Is there a guess involved?

A: No. Julian can definitively determine his flower color based on the logic presented.

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