Building Strong Foundations: The Bridges Educator Site

Are you an educator seeking engaging and effective K-5 math curriculum resources? Look no further than the Bridges Educator Site! This comprehensive online platform provides everything you need to implement the Bridges in Mathematics curriculum effectively in your classroom.

What is the Bridges Educator Site?

Developed by the Math Learning Center, the Bridges Educator Site offers a treasure trove of resources specifically designed for teachers using the Bridges in Mathematics (Second Edition) curriculum.

What Resources Can I Find on the Bridges Educator Site?

The Bridges Educator Site is a one-stop shop for educators, offering a wealth of materials, including:

Up-to-date PK-5 curriculum materials: Access the complete Bridges in Mathematics curriculum, aligned with current math standards.

Lesson resources beyond the textbook: Supplement your lessons with engaging games, activities, manipulatives, and children’s literature suggestions.

Professional development resources: Deepen your understanding of the Bridges philosophy and pedagogy through online courses and professional development materials.

Implementation support: Gain valuable insights and guidance for successful implementation through teacher guides, pacing charts, and differentiation strategies.

Blog articles: Stay connected with the Bridges community and gain practical tips from experienced Bridges educators.

How Do I Access the Bridges Educator Site?

The Bridges Educator Site is a subscription-based platform. Your school or district may already have a subscription, so check with your administrator for access details.

What are the Benefits of Using the Bridges Educator Site?

The Bridges Educator Site empowers educators with a variety of benefits:

Saves Time: Access a comprehensive library of resources, eliminating the need for extensive lesson planning from scratch.

Differentiation Made Easy: Find strategies and materials to cater to diverse learners in your classroom.

Engaging Curriculum: Deliver a curriculum that fosters a love of math through hands-on activities and problem-solving tasks.

Professional Growth: Continuously learn and improve your teaching practice with professional development resources.

Supportive Community: Connect with other Bridges educators and share best practices.


The Bridges Educator Site is a valuable resource for educators seeking to create a dynamic and engaging math learning environment for their students. With its comprehensive curriculum materials, professional development opportunities, and supportive community, the Bridges Educator Site empowers teachers to build strong foundations in mathematics for all their students.


  • Q: Is there a free trial available for the Bridges Educator Site?

A: Contact the Math Learning Center directly to inquire about potential free trial options.

  • Q: Where can I find more information about the Bridges in Mathematics curriculum?

A: Visit the Math Learning Center website [Bridges math curriculum ON Math Learning Center] for detailed information about the curriculum itself.

  • Q: Do I need a specific textbook edition to use the Bridges Educator Site resources?

A: The Bridges Educator Site is designed to complement the Bridges in Mathematics (Second Edition) curriculum.

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