All About BYU Education Week

BYU Education Week was once a highly anticipated annual event at Brigham Young University, offering a unique opportunity for adults of all backgrounds to expand their knowledge and explore various topics. While BYU’s Education Week program is discontinued, this post will delve into what it entailed, the resources it offered, and alternative learning avenues at BYU.

What Was BYU Education Week?

Held for many years, BYU Education Week was a week-long event featuring a vast selection of classes on diverse subjects. From personal finance and gospel study to technology and history, there was something for everyone seeking to enrich their minds and broaden their horizons.

Who Could Attend?

The program was designed for adults, with a minimum age requirement of 14 years old. It attracted a wide range of participants, including lifelong learners, professionals seeking continuing education, and individuals interested in exploring new interests.

How Did Registration Work?

Registration for BYU Education Week typically opened a few months before the event. Participants could register online, by phone, or in person. Early registration was encouraged, as some popular classes filled up quickly.

What Was the Class Format Like?

Classes at BYU Education Week varied in format, with some being lectures by renowned experts, while others offered a more interactive learning experience with discussions and group activities. The program also included keynote speakers and special events.

Were Recordings Available?

Recordings of select BYU Education Week classes were sometimes broadcast on the Church satellite system and might be available in archives. However, with the discontinuation of the program, future availability is uncertain.

BYU-Idaho Education Week

BYU-Idaho also previously held its own Education Week program. However, due to scheduling conflicts, it has also been discontinued. Past presentations from BYU-Idaho Education Week might still be accessible in their video library.

Alternative Learning Opportunities at BYU

Although the dedicated Education Week programs are no longer offered, BYU continues to provide abundant learning opportunities. Here are a few options to explore:

BYU Continuing Education: Offers non-credit courses and programs on various subjects throughout the year.

BYU Lectures: Features talks and presentations by prominent scholars and figures. These events are often free and open to the public.

BYU Online Courses: Explore a wide range of online courses on diverse topics through BYU’s online learning platform.


While BYU Education Week is no longer held, the spirit of lifelong learning continues to thrive at BYU. Whether you’re interested in religious studies, professional development, or simply expanding your knowledge, you’ll find a wealth of resources from BYU to fuel your intellectual curiosity.


  • What was BYU Education Week?

BYU Education Week was a week-long annual event offering non-credited courses and programs on various subjects for adults. It provided a platform for lifelong learning and intellectual exploration.

  • Why is it not offered anymore?

Unfortunately, BYU Education Week has been discontinued.

  • Who could attend?

The program was designed for adults, typically with a minimum age requirement of 14.

  • What kind of courses were offered?

There was a wide variety of courses on scripture study, technology, personal finance, history, family and relationships, personal development, and more.

  • How did registration work?

Registration typically opened a few months before the event and could be done online, by phone, or in person.

  • Are recordings of the classes available?

Recordings of select classes might have been broadcast on the Church satellite system in the past, but their availability is uncertain due to the program’s discontinuation.

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