Ministry of Education Quiz: The Secrets of Part 5

The Ministry of Education Quiz in Honkai Star Rail throws another curveball with Part 5. This section requires a keen eye for detail and pattern recognition. Here’s your ultimate guide to mastering this cryptic challenge!

The Cryptic Numbers

Part 5 presents a series of equations:

1453=0 1915=1 2409=2 6010=3 9981=4

What do these seemingly random numbers mean?

The Power of Circles

The key lies in the number of closed circles each digit contains. Digits 0, 8, and 9 each have one closed circle, while others have none.

Cracking the Code

Let’s analyze the first equation: 1453 = 0.

  • 1, 4, 5, and 3 have no closed circles.
  • Therefore, 1453 has 0 circles, matching the equation.

Apply this logic to the other equations:

  • 1915 (one closed circle from 9) = 1
  • 2409 (two closed circles from 0 and 9) = 2
  • 6010 (three closed circles from two 0s) = 3
  • 9981 (four closed circles from two 8s and two 9s) = 4

Unveiling the Answer

Following this pattern, what is the value of 8848?

There are four closed circles (two from each 8).

Therefore, the answer to 8848 is 4.


Part 5 might seem like a cryptic puzzle at first, but by focusing on the closed circles in each digit, you can unlock the hidden logic and solve it with ease. Keep exploring the exciting world of Honkai Star Rail and good luck with future quizzes!


  • Is there another way to solve this?

Yes! Some players find it easier to draw the digits and count circles visually.

  • What if I get stuck on future quizzes?

The Ministry of Education Quiz tests various skills. Stay calm, analyze the problem carefully, and remember, help is readily available online!

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