Acing the Ministry of Education Quiz: Cracking Part 4

The Ministry of Education Quiz in Honkai Star Rail has tested players’ logic and deduction skills. Part 4 is notorious for its tricky logic puzzle. This guide will equip you with the knowledge and thought process to conquer this challenging section!

The Rules

The Ministry of Education Quiz establishes three categories for the characters: Good (always truthful), Bad (always lies), and Liar (can be truthful or deceitful).

The Tricky Trio

Part 4 presents Howard, Philip, and Joyce. One is good, another bad, and the last one is the liar. We’re given two statements:

  • Joyce: “Philip is either the good man or the bad man.”
  • Philip: “Either Howard or Joyce is the good man.”

Breaking Down the Statements

Good Man: They can only truthfully state one of them is good/bad, not both.

Bad Man: They’d falsely claim both are good/bad, which wouldn’t give this information.

Liar: Their statement could be true or false.

Identifying the Imposter

If Joyce were good, she wouldn’t say Philip could be good too (only one good person exists). Therefore, Joyce is not good, leaving her as either bad or a liar.

Philip’s Web of Lies

Philip claims either Howard or Joyce is good. Since we know Joyce isn’t good, Philip must be lying (good people can’t lie).

The Answer Revealed

By process of elimination, Howard is the only one left who could be good (if Philip lied about Joyce, he can’t be good himself).


The Ministry of Education Quiz might seem daunting, but with a clear understanding of the rules and some logical deduction, you can conquer Part 4 and continue your exciting journey in Honkai Star Rail!


  • Can I solve this another way?

Absolutely! This approach lays out a logical path, but alternative methods might work for you.

  • What if I still struggle?

Don’t hesitate to search online for solutions and explanations. Visual aids like charts can also help.

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